December 28, 2016




We offer the following degree and non-degree programs.


Master of Science (MSc) Program

The MSc program aims to equip students with a cross-disciplinary stance, concept and tools to manage urban environment, with enhanced skills of practical decision making and increased credibility for problem solving. The curriculum for this program consists of required, specialized and elective courses culminating with a thesis or research study. The specialized courses are highly recommended electives that acquaint students with essential skills and knowledge vital to the undertaking of urban environmental management tasks. The thesis or research study is the final requirement of the MSc degree. It is an opportunity for the students to apply concepts, theories, methods, and tools learned during coursework to practical situations. The whole program is completed in 4 semesters and is of 48 credits, with a choice of thesis or a research study. If thesis is chosen, coursework will comprise of 26 credits and thesis will comprise of 22 credits; and if research study is chosen, course work will comprise of 38 credits and research study will comprise of 10 credits.


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Program

The PhD program consists of coursework and dissertation. Students can select courses from the UEM offerings as well as from other disciplines in AIT. The dissertation is the final requirement of the PhD degree. The doctoral dissertation requires a high level of academic performance mastering different theoretical approaches and contributing to the advancement of knowledge as well as solutions to practical problems. The whole program is expected to be completed in 6 semesters and is of 84 credits.


Diploma and Certificate Program

Diploma and Certificate students need to satisfy the eligibility requirements similar to those entering the Master’s degree program and have the appropriate background to take selected courses. In some cases, candidates who lack formal academic qualifications but have appropriate professional experience consider Diploma and Certificate Program as it offers the opportunity for an intense educational experience in a time-effective and cost-effective manner. Courses are innovative and flexible in structure and delivery, designed to enable those with career and other commitments to study successfully at

UEM. However, the discretion in such cases rests with the School Dean. The Diploma program is of 2 semesters comprising 24 credits and the Certificate program is of 1 semester comprising of 12 credits.


Short-term Courses and Events

Seminars and Workshops, Training and Short-term courses, Special lectures, Conferences, Networking events, Community outreach activities, etc.